The Lenoir City Cotton Mill Virtual Tour

Here are just a few pictures of the Cotton Mill and surrounding area.

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Lenoir City Cotton Mill    Lenoir City Cotton Mill 1872



MVC-018S.JPG (38383 bytes)    Interior of Mill



MVC-016S.JPG (14145 bytes)    Northwest Corner of Mill




MVC-015S.JPG (34731 bytes)    Exterior View



MVC-014S.JPG (73398 bytes)    Town Creek flowing by the Mill



MVC-012S.JPG (33432 bytes)    Mill Wheel Pedestal (Left)




MVC-011S.JPG (37295 bytes)    Looking up from the Creek



MVC-008S.JPG (21044 bytes)    Looking down stream under the railroad



MVC-007S.JPG (44486 bytes)    Bricks from the old mill



MVC-006S.JPG (36815 bytes)    Future Picnic Area



MVC-005S.JPG (37864 bytes)    Looking through the front door



lccm.jpg (35908 bytes)    Interior of Mill - Lenoir Home in left background



lccm1.jpg (52418 bytes)    Looking through the window at the railroad



MVC-030S.JPG (19576 bytes)    Painting of the Mill



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